Dar-e 'Abbas

About Us

Dar-e ‘Abbas is an Islamic Shia Center (Imambargah) located in Metro Atlanta and southern Gwinnett County on Lawrenceville Hwy. Saheb-e-Biyaz of Anjuman-e-Ghamkhwaran-e-Abbas Ali Zia Rizvi is one of our Patrons. The name Dar-e ‘Abbas means “The Door of Abbas” in the Persian language, a reference to the Valiant Muslim Hero Abbas Bin Ali Bin Abu Talib A.S. Our congregation adheres to the Asna Ashari Shia tradition of Islam in remembrance of the family of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa PBUH [Ahle-Bait] and the descendants of His Daughter Fatimah Zahra A.S. The property is owned and operated by Anjuman-e-Ghamkhwaran-e-Abbas (AS) and is located at 5064 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lilburn, GA 30047.


In this regard, we hold weekly recitations of the “Hadees-e-Kisa” [“The Account of the Blanket”] and regular Majalis [gatherings] commemorating their Lives, Sacrifices, and Devotion to God. We also hold Majalis to commemorate the Shahadat of Masumeen, and Jashans to celebrate Eids and Births of Masoomeen. Our services are primarily held in Urdu, and Arabic is used for many rituals. In addition, we have a Saturday Madrasah [School] for children taught primarily in English whose curriculum covers such topics as Islamic history, laws, values, and recitation of the Quran. Our mission is to provide Azadars a place for Azadari in an effort to give pursa to Masooma-e-Alam Bibi Fatima Zehra (SA).


Our community has grown greatly through the years, so we are very eager and excited to see how the future will unfold for Dar-e ‘Abbas. In striving for the best possible future for our community, we welcome novel ideas while still honoring the integrity of our tradition. It is our hope to not only be a faithful part of the international Islamic Shia community but also an integral and engaged component of the Atlanta milieu and American culture at large, InshaAllah [God willing].



Trusties – Elected For 7 Years (2014-2020)

Syed Ali Zia Rizvi

Syed Wasi Haider Zaidi

Hasan Afroz Mirza

Syed Qamar Iqbal

Mohammad Arshad (Yousuf)


Organizing Committee – Elected For 3 Years (March 2017 to February 2020)

President: Syed Safdar Ali Abedi

General Secretary: Syed Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi

Finance Secretary: Syed Jaffar Shah

Communication Secretary: Sajid Khan Motorwala

Joint Secretary: Syed Akbar Ali